Innovate Holdings' purpose is to enhance its clients' profitability by managing their spend.

Innovate achieves our client’s customized goals and yields ROI in consultative or outsourced capacity by: - Generating savings - Controlling costs and processes - Negotiating sustainable deals and agreements - Leveraging strategic sourcing and buying - Managing supply base and third-party risk - Building and transforming teams - Analyzing expenses for data-driven decision-making Innovate Holdings focuses on project-based and/or long-term support for complex, fast-paced and rapidly growing businesses with annual spend or project value of under $400 million.


With over 35 years of combined, global professional experience, Innovate successfully managed over $40 billion in accomplished deals and realized over $7 billion in savings across multiple clients, industries and commodities. Innovate’s approach is based on the following key attributes and commitment to clients: proven results, experience, ethics, honesty, transparency and relentless pursuit of innovation.

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Scope of Services

Innovate partners with clients to deliver best in class Procurement through project-based work, outsourcing and/or consulting frameworks

To achieve best ROI for our clients, our approach is spend analysis tailored to your needs in order to identify areas of strategic savings and outsourcing opportunity not achieved with internal resources – not tactical procurement of consumables


Strategic     Sourcing

- Creates savings plans, projects ROI and negotiates

- Designs sourcing strategies, high profile opportunities

 -  Leads commercial process, partners with your internal stakeholders and proactively identifies key 3rd party savings opportunities   

Buying &     Catalogs

- Supports daily, BAU activities, PO processing in line with strategies

- Spend monitoring according to performance, goals and flags commercial issues

-  Ensures timely order execution from initiation to payment

– Catalog creation

Risk, Outsourcing, Continuity & Contracts

- Supports outsourced initiatives and ensures realization of established goals

- Understands contract structure, supplier risk evaluation/BCP and expirations              

- Provides detailed contract review in client’s interest

Supplier Performance

- Designs and implements key supplier performance metrics and publishes results                      - Monitors and drives improvement plans and QBR design                      - Objective management based on contract specifics

Data, Systems, Analytics & Reporting

- Establishes accurate, timely and useful KPIs/SLAs based on reporting structure                   - Runs analytics and produces results based on established cadence and policies             - Process flows and efficiencies

Key Differentiators

-SDVOSB Certification

40 years of combined industry experience

-Over $40 billion accomplished deals

$7 billion realized in savings Serve various industries


-80% lower rates and better

results than closest competitors

-Technology, project implementation, professional services, travel, outsourcing and other savings ranging from

21%-50% and over

-We are not your typical consultants, we stick around and assure results.

“I think this is one of the most valuable services available for any size company.”​

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Bob Schiff

Founder & CEO

Cyberlitica, Inc.


Proven Results – Actual Examples of Accomplished Deals

We build meaningful partnerships with our clients and suppliers based on a strong foundation of trust and industry best practice solutions.  Combined with agility, perseverance, and leading innovation, we enable outcome sustainability and position our clients for a successful future. 

- Travel resourcing:  $8M annual spend -> $1.1M savings including establishment of preferred hotels and airline partners along with booking fee elimination

- Servers:  $36M annual spend -> $7.4M savings including cost avoidance and operating lease incentives to conserve cash flow along with system renewals

- ERP implementation:  26 week timeline reduced to 14 week implementation and system launch on schedule and on budget with $600K implementation reduction

- Legal expenses:  rate card establishment resulting in $600K annual cost reduction

- Cataloguing and fixed consumables pricing:  $9M annual spend with $2.2M savings through consolidation, supplier BCP and price locks (budgeting and ordering)

- Software:  $22M annual spend with $6.7M savings including cost avoidance based on software pull aheads and licenses management/utilization

- Outsourcing:  payroll and parts of procurement for a major Fortune 500 customer with 32% NPV savings


- Benefits:  reduction of $22M for combined PEPY and higher coverage

- Data Protection and BCP:  $18M annual spend with $3.7M benefit based on data protection, risk mitigation and efficiencies